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Pocket Ultrascope - Thunderbolt
by Chris Tomberlin 8 years ago
BMD - Any thoughts on getting the Pocket Ultrascope to Mac via Thunderbolt Chris Tomberlin Editor Compositor Owner OutPost Pictures
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Re: Broadcast safe in Resolve..
by Darin Wooldridge 9 years ago
A couple ways to handle this. 1st is on the config page. This automatically scales your full range 0-1023 video to hd 64-940 legal for layoff and render. Beware the internal scopes do not represent th
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Big dissappoint for professionals!!
by Tom Daigon 8 years ago
FCP X, what a big disappointment. Adobe here I come! At least they listen to their users and implement what professionals with diverse projects NEED! Tom Daigon Avid DS FCP After Effects Editor www.hd
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