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I got started in video production interning for a church several years ago. While there I was exposed to every aspect of production, from planning to delivery, and I discovered that the two I was most passionate about are camera work, and editing.

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May 1st 2013
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Waveform Error (Solid Red in Sequence, no Audio)
by Brandon Adams 7 years ago
I keep getting a strange error. Particular clips in a sequence are having problems with the audio. It will not play any audio and the waveform is just a solid red box (see photo). Double clicking the
Re: Waveform Error (Solid Red in Sequence, no Audio)
by David Atkins 6 years ago
Thanks Rob! That totally fixed my issue. I've been editing a project in CS6, and I had an assistant editor logging and syncing in cs5.5. Everything imported to cs6 correctly, but I was baffled by the
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