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Award-winning film executive producer, screenwriter, director and actor Craig Richards was second-born of eight children.

Craig began performing in live theatre in 1977 landing the lead roles in dramas such as "Laura," comedies including "Barefoot... [more]
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Keylight v DV Matte Pro?
by Martin Chambers 10 years ago
I'm using Keylight with a green screen chromakey and MPEG files from my FX1 (not a great idea, I know). Is DV Matte Pro for After FX worth considering Chummy Web Video Presenter by
Re: Keylight v dvMatte Pro?
by Craig Richards 9 years ago
"you need to convert it to a different codec." Good tip: I completely agree with your point and your explanation; however when you say "a different codec" would you please itemize, in order of prefere
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