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New Workflow AVCHD for FCP7
by Matt Goodfield 10 years ago
Hi There At the moment I have got a Sony AVCHD Camera which records on hard drive (directly) A 1 minute clip will use 69mb of the camera space , if I Want to use that with FCP I have to convert in usi
Re: New Workflow AVCHD for FCP7
by craig incardone 9 years ago
I have just shot with the Panasonic 3D cam AVCHD format. I do not have the cam, rented it, but put the files onto a drive. how do I unwrap the files from the folder to get them into my FCP on my Mac.
EX3 Zoom Sticking at Slow Speeds
by Bob Gonsett 10 years ago
Is anyone else having trouble when using the zoom rocker on the EX3 lens At slow speeds, especially when starting out, it sticks. Basically, it's starts out jerking from 0 to 10. This is making it ver
Re: EX3 Zoom Sticking at Slow Speeds
by craig incardone 10 years ago
Wow! I just experienced this last week on a shoot, It hasn't really happened before and it just seemed to start happening recently to me. I was very pissed because it happened on a medical interview s
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