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"Triggering Animation with Markers" modification?
by James Ronan 2 years ago
Hi all, I'm really hoping someone can help me! I've been using Dan Ebberts marker sync script to time remap layers based on markers which is great... l have 30+ pre comps all with the markers on them
Re: "Triggering Animation with Markers" modification?
by colin woodcock 6 months ago
Apologies for not responding sooner Dan. Unfortunately I couldn't get his to work. I had to set things up in a more long-winded way in the end. Here's a frame by frame example of what I'm seeing in th
toWorld Expression not working.
by Simeon in 't Veld 1 year ago
Hey creative Cows! I want to add a an optical flare effect to a solid which has a wiggle effect and is also child of another null to determine the global position. Here's my expression to do this: L=e
Re: toWorld Expression not working.
by Dan Ebberts 1 year ago
I'm really confused by how you have this set up, but usually you would apply the Flare to a stationary comp-sized layer and apply an expression like this to the Flare's position parameter so that the
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Shape layer repeater delay expression
by Mike Tosetto 7 years ago
Hi guys I'm completely blown away by JR Canest's 'Waiting for Superman' animation which I'm sure you've all seen. I love the repeater kind of shapes he uses and a perfect example is right at the start
Re: Shape layer repeater delay expression
by colin woodcock 2 years ago
Hi Scott, I've been wondering the same thing. Having looked around it seems that ECAbrams has had a good stab at it however to get the "Echospace" look and feel - for free - you might want to try Mike
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