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Not All Tracks Synch In PE With Tascam DR-60
by claude isbell 5 years ago
Shot footage on Canon T4i , while recording audio on Tascam DR-60. They are 2 stereo tracks(2+2). When synching in PE, the 1+2 are synched, but 3=4 aren't(Even says un-synched). It's just put at the e
Magic Bullet Denoiser not changing image of preview in FCP
by Trevor Horigan 8 years ago
First off I am new to video editing software. So if the answer to my question is simple please excuse me. Why is it that when using Magic Bullet Denoiser in FCP when I change the settings, I can see n
Re: Magic Bullet Denoiser not changing image of preview in FCP
by claude isbell 8 years ago
Curious if you ever got an answer. I looked at a few tutorials, and they always show an immediate change in the preview window. Regardless of the length of a clip, it doesn't show untill rendered, and
DIY Zoom Controller?
by claude isbell 11 years ago
First off, let me say this thread comes after searching the web. After having Panasonics, and saving a lot of money by making my own(Good)zoom controller, I now have XH A1. After searching, can't seem
Re: DIY Zoom Controller?
by David Berger 11 years ago
I have also looked around and have decided to give-in and buy the ZR-1000 from Canon. Best price I have found is $185...
by claude isbell 11 years ago
Got this a couple of months ago. I tried JVC, but never heard back. I'm using Final Cut Pro 6, and the player works fine, except for one thing: When playing the timeline, the video out isn't continuou
by claude isbell 11 years ago
Just thought I'd let people know what happened. In case someone has a problem in the future. The reason it wasn't outputting video was that a while before, I was working on an HDV project, and thought
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