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Demo Reel Question
by cjahrens 13 years ago
I'm a commercial producer in a small market looking to move into a larger market in order to do more challenging work. My question is my main area of talent lies in telling a story visually and my dem
Re: Demo Reel Question
by cjahrens 13 years ago
That is good advice. Thanks
CRT Monitor
by cjahrens 13 years ago
I am doing some editing in HD but right now I only have an SD monitor. My IT guy asked if we could use a CRT monitor for veiwing rather than buying an HD monitor. I'm a little confused about the whole
Re: CRT Monitor
by Arnie Schlissel 13 years ago
Was your IT guy talking about a computer monitor That would be less than ideal. Larger monitors may have the right resolution but computer monitors are designed to display a different color space & ga
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