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Experts in video production workflow solutions, EditShare is the smart way to edit together. Also see @ESLightworks, our Oscar-winning video editing system.
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April 21st 2011
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Recommendations for shared storage.
by Scott Davis 7 years ago
I've been tasked with putting together a proposal on shared storage. We are a mid-size facility doing long form documentary films. We have 7 edit stations now; but will need to expand up to 10+ in the
Re: Recommendations for shared storage.
by Chris Devers 7 years ago
Job ter Burg "From what I have been told, if you want to share the media, you're sort of OK with all of them, but if you want true, easy, transparent project bin sharing, you need Avid's systems. The
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by Erik Lundberg 7 years ago
I was beginning to think it would never show. But now that it's here, how does this change your view (if at all) on the NLE-scape of 2012 Where does it fit in, and how does it compete with the rest Fo
by Chris Devers 7 years ago
Hi I work for EditShare, and am the primary voice behind things like the @ESLightworks & @EditShare accounts on Twitter, our Facebook page, et al. I'm just seeing this discussion now. The summary by O
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Editshare Volume Size Limit?
by elan dassani 8 years ago
hey guys, is there a volume size limit on the EditShare as there is on the Facilis Terrablock. We want to use Volumes that are larger than 8 TB, and the Facilis seemed to have a problem with Volumes o
Re: Editshare Volume Size Limit?
by Chris Devers 8 years ago
We do not really have a volume size limit as such, and I'm aware of at least one customer that has been working with a monolithic volume ten times that size, with even larger ones in the pipeline. The
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