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hd editing
by cathy gurvis 11 years ago
i have been editing hd footage and find that the rendering time is crazy. is there a setting that would cut down on the rendering time while working on the overall editing of the project.
Re: hd editing
by Alan Okey 11 years ago
If you could provide the following information, it would greatly help readers of the forum to better answer your questions: 1. What version of Final Cut Pro are you using 2. What model of Mac are you
rendering for speed
by cathy gurvis 11 years ago
i have brought in HD footage. the rendering is HOURS. is there a way to change the settings to shorten the rendering time.every time i make a slight change it says to render for several more hours....
Re: rendering for speed
by Tim Wilson 11 years ago
Which software are you using for rendering You might try asking this question in that forum....
by cathy gurvis 11 years ago
i received footage from a client and believe it was shot in HD. when i place it on the time line, it automatically requires me to render it. I am unable to change the settings from "safe RT" to "unlim
Re: render
by Shane Ross 11 years ago
#28 Having to render every clip in the timeline Shane's Stock Answer #28: When I put a clip in the timline, I have to render it before it will play. Why Your clip settings MUST match your timeline set
Mounting other lenses on DVX 100B
by Wyman Tannehill 13 years ago
When I purchased my DVX 100B it came with a Pro-Digital Optics Telephoto 2X lens and a 0.7 Wide Angle lens. I carefully screwed each on, but did not get the intended effect with either. Is there an ad
Re: Mounting other lenses on DVX 100B
by cathy gurvis 11 years ago
I just bought a panasonic DVX100B and I have a couple lens that I also purchased. I don't know how to switch out the lens....can u help me thanks.
Need help on DVD setup
by tc 15 years ago
OK, here is the situation. I am a freelance dvd author for one post house. I was basically brought on to do this as I was the 3rd editor and they didn't want to pay a "real" dvd author. I've been tryi
Re: Need help on DVD setup
by cathy gurvis 12 years ago
I am a bit green with DVD Studio Pro. I have attempted to burn a disc a few times and I keep getting the following: "the disc you inserted cannot be used for burning. Please insert acceptable DVD reco
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