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Keying an object while giving it a stroke
by caleb barclay 5 years ago
I'm looking to put a stroke outlining a moving hand. I have Color Keyed the hand but I don't know where to go from here. Is there any way to: 1. Outline object by (x) pixels or 2. Add stroke to Keyed
Re: Keying an object while giving it a stroke
by Kevin Camp 5 years ago
and another... layer layer styles stroke. Kevin Camp Art Director KCPQ, KZJO & KRCW
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Puppet Tool on Illustrator File
by caleb barclay 8 years ago
I have a Vector Character that I made in Illustrator. When I import it to AE and add the Puppet Tool, I get a split in the character (As Shown in attached Image. I have continual rasterize button acti
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Re: Puppet Tool on Illustrator File
by caleb barclay 8 years ago
I have been messing around with it a lot and still can not figure out what is wrong: I have not scaled it, or used "Continuous Rasterize" button. It seems that whenever I use a camera movement, it sli
Typography Video with After Effects
by caleb barclay 9 years ago
I made my first typography video and I wanted to get some feedback. We got accepted into a competition for Pepsi Refresh with this Video for a 25,000 grant. If you guys want to help, feel free to vote
Type in Motion
by caleb barclay 9 years ago
I am having a problem getting the text to be smooth on the camera pan down. I rendered it at 30 fps and it came out jerky on this pan. I am uploading it to youtube tomorrow night and need to have the
Re: Type in Motion
by Tudor "Ted" Jelescu 9 years ago
Use motion blur. Also render interlaced- some uncompressed format. Then use an encoding soft- like Adobe Media Encoder to compress progressive. Tudor "Ted" Jelescu Senior Compositor VFX Artist
After Effects to Youtube HD
by caleb barclay 9 years ago
What is the best process to get an AE video rendered for Youtube (Format, compression). I have a 1080p video that I want to upload but I want to keep the file size down so it wont take Youtube a week
Re: After Effects to Youtube HD
by Scott Roberts 9 years ago
720p, h.264, 6000kb http: graphicsdump http:
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"Match Moving" in 3ds Max
by caleb barclay 9 years ago
I am doing a project that requires the technique of "Match Moving". I have footage that I want to map out in 3d space. There will be a Object that is apart of the footage. What program will export the
Re: "Match Moving" in 3ds Max
by noor hussain 9 years ago
importing data from boujou to max makes the grid really wild.wots the best way to get it aligned with the max grid.even if i set up the edit scene geometry in boujou properly
Fly in by words (x-axis)
by caleb barclay 9 years ago
I am looking to do an animation where multiple lines of text will "animate in", on the X-Axis. Much like the preset "Fly in by words" but coming from the right or left of the view-port. Does anyone kn
Common After Effects Questions (FAQ) -- Please look here first
by Joel Hooton 13 years ago
System Software Version Issues How do you open an AE 7.0 file in AE 6.5 • http: cgi-bin new_read_post.cgi forumid=2&postid=888288 • http: cgi-bi
Motion Typography Video - text loses resolution
by caleb barclay 10 years ago
I am making a motion typography video and after I nest Comp 1, I bring in the text to the new Comp (Comp 2), hit the "make layer 3d", and when I move the camera on the "z" direction, the text becomes
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