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averaging filter
by therman mermehn 2 years ago
I'm looking for a filter a way to replicate a filter. The filter is a filter which takes an average of several frames to create a much better single image. For example , a static security camera foota
Re: averaging filter
by Chris Wright 2 years ago
after effects has the camera shake deblur plugin that takes the best frames to create a higher quality output. I haven't used it so don't know if it is really good. there are some professional scalers
time warp question
by therman mermehn 3 years ago
I'm using timewarp on a 24fps sequence. From what I originally understood assumed , timewarp built frames in between existing frames , and left the original frame alone. however i can see that it also
Re: time warp question
by therman mermehn 3 years ago
well no frame blending definitely leaves the original frames in tact and just does a sort of 50 50 opacity of each frame. the timewarp warp frame 1 and 2 into an average to make frame 1.5 but for some
deinterlace originally film footage.
by therman mermehn 3 years ago
I have a very old television show I'm working on deinterlacing. I do know the show was originally filmed and not taped at 24fps. However , at the time it was changed to a 29.97fps interlaced file whic
Re: deinterlace originally film footage.
by therman mermehn 3 years ago
If this was one episode it would be easy to do that but it's a few hundred , lol. I think what I'll do is this (as backwards as it sounds) I'll just play the dvd and screen record the output from the
auto align identicle shaky and stabilized video?
by therman mermehn 3 years ago
say I have one video , which is 100% normal and stabilized , but is low resolution quality , and I have a second video which is of the same exact subject matter which is high resolution and quality bu
flickering film
by therman mermehn 4 years ago
I have some film reel footage that has flickering light contrast. it's very mild and most people won't notice , but I do. I was wondering if there are any options in after effects premiere that could
Re: flickering film
by Chris Wright 4 years ago
this is probably your best bet. http: products deflicker or try some others https: thread 3 970376
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