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May 27th 2019
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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Virtual Reality Coordinator
by Carmela Cappellano 2 months ago
The VR Coordinator is in charge of communicating the information in micromanaging the project, assigning tasks to Artists, providing Artists with Material Information. Organizing, and managing the wor
VR Compositor
by Carmela Cappellano 2 months ago
Job Description Working closely with our VR Supervisor to determine the best approach to solve compositing challenges and quality final look Performing tasks such as tracking, colour correction, roto
Matte Painter
by Carmela Cappellano 2 months ago
Create photorealistic backgrounds and environments to match the overall look and feel of the film; Combine skills in painting and 3D with knowledge of composition, design, photography, and digital mo
Compositing Supervisor
by Carmela Cappellano 2 months ago
The Compositing Supervisoris responsible for integrating multi camera shots into one seamless VR video based on the instructions of the Head of VR and Director. The challenge can include set extension
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