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I am a video editor living in the San Francisco Bay Area. With over 12 years of experience, I have a passion for making videos that people love to watch. I edit a lot of sports related content for broadcast as well as your run of the mill corporate and marketing video throughout the bay area.
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November 16th 2011
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Santa Cruz
C300 & After Effects CS6
by Jon Collins 7 years ago
Hi All, Having some bizarre issues with After Effects CS6 - & MXF C300 files. Its really glitchy, sometimes doesn't render the footage (including RAM preview), sometimes doesn't scrub - the
Re: C300 & After Effects CS6
by Mark Billingsby 7 years ago
I'm having these issues as well. I duplicated the c300 footage and put masks, trackers, etc. When I went back to Premiere it worked fined. I went back later to make some changes and things start turni
Cache-a restore problems
by Mark Billingsby 7 years ago
I am having problems restoring an LTO-5 tape from a Pro Cache5 device. Using drag-and-drop method as well as full tape restore isn't working. The error we continue to get is "Error: Substituting .' fo
Re: Cache-a restore problems
by Mark Billingsby 7 years ago
Cache-a is currently working to try to find a solution. I will post one if they figure it out.
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