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Re: Expression for constant speed?
by Dan Ebberts 9 years ago
I think I left a piece out. This seems to work: if (numKeys 1){ spd = thisComp.layer("control").effect("Slider Control")("Slider"); t1 = key(1).time; t2 = key(numKeys).time; tTot = t2-t1; dTot = speed
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Burning in timecode and filename for dailies
by Angelo Lorenzo 9 years ago
I've seen this asked before in this and the Premiere forum since there is no mechanism to burn in both timecode and the filename into dailies for clients. I wrote a little After Effects expression for
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Re: Mac Pro & Apple Cinema Displays
by Jacob Kerns 9 years ago
I was in the boat with the same spec Mac minus the drive setup and ATI card. Which was fine for Final Cut. Shoot 1080 on Sony-HXR2000u and was having the same issues with Premiere CS5.5. I download th
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Re: Equvialent for Option+CMD+L in FCP?
by Jon Barrie 9 years ago
Hey Walter, Yes there is, but you will have to assign your own shortcut key to it. It is under Audio Gain (I have assigned Shift+G) for me and select all the audio clips I want to lift and hit my shor
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Re: How to separate audio channels?
by Richard Lapthorn 9 years ago
Edit; I managed to find out how to do it. Basically, I should have mapped out the audio of the clips before I put them on the timeline, by right clicking and modifying, then changing the stereo track
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Re: A quick keyboard shortcut question. FCP - E in Ppro?
by Ann Bens 9 years ago
There is a shortcut called: trim in point to playhead or trim out point to playhead. ----------------------------------------------- Adobe Certified Expert Premiere Pro
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Re: Why use FCPX if you plan on moving up in the industry?
by Scott Douglas 9 years ago
Hi Dustin, I'm in a very similar setup as yours, and carry basically the same responsibilities as you. I was given the green light to get FCPX when it comes out. I too have held off buying it, I'm goi
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Re: Wonder what they're saying in Cupertino...?
by Chris Harlan 9 years ago
My guess is that they were just expecting this, and that they are looking at it as acceptable, minor collateral damage. They make phones and pads now. What other stuff they still make, really needs to
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Re: After a couple of days here is what it comes down to.
by Mark Suszko 9 years ago
I'm a Cubs fan; I can out-wait you ALL:-)
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