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animation video posting
by babis tsou 2 months ago
hey guys, i am noob here. Is there anywhere specific to upload my render for critics or i post here And how to upload my animation to this post. i only see button for image upload
drives setup
by babis tsou 1 year ago
hi guys, i recently purchased one more ssd 250gb and one hdd 3tb. I ve already have one ssd 120gb and one hdd 1tb. I am going to do a format in my pc and i m wondering , which is the best setup for af
Re: drives setup
by Maygo Calme 1 year ago
Hi, I would say : - SSD 250Go : System + Software - SSD 120Go : Disk Cache dedicated to After Effect (& Premiere...) - HDD 1To : Work in Progress (With all the project files and medias ...) - HDD 3To
Saurons eye
by babis tsou 1 year ago
Guys, any ideas how to make saurons eye animation I m thinking of turbulent noise. Is it ok https: c4tr83RTDPI t=8s
Re: Saurons eye
by Kalleheikki Kannisto 1 year ago
Several things I see as (possibly) needful: - animated fractal noise with motion over time - turbulent displacement - vector blur - fire footage - smoke footage - polar coordinates to make it radial -
by babis tsou 1 year ago
hi guys, how is the effect in 0:25 created https: watch v=6ywOQr0a3UM
Re: grindhouse
by babis tsou 1 year ago
thank u very much my friend
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