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Jonathan Ziegler
Very recent new video review of the new AG-HPX301E (300)
by Dexter Brockhurst 11 years ago
two useful items i've just come across: There's a video review of the HPX301E (euro spec version of 300) over at the new UK PanasonicPro-User site here. The guy who put the video review together is an
Re: Very recent new video review of the new AG-HPX301E (300)
by anil kumar 9 years ago
thank you!!
HPX 301E NTSC Shoot
by anil kumar 9 years ago
Hi anyone can advice me the Setup on P2 HPX301E in HD NTSC recording. its for a project progress shoot they required in NTSC. Regards, Anil.G Kingdom of Bahrain.
Student DP help: How can I achieve a similar look to this music video?
by Martin Reed 10 years ago
Hi guys, I'm a student DP heading into my first shoot with the RED camera in the next couple of weeks. The director has told me that he wants to achieve a look similar to this video: http:
panasonic HPX300
by anil kumar 10 years ago
i would like to buy panasonic HPX300 . love to hear the users comment about the camera.
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