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What Plug-in to Up-Res 720p to 1080p?
by Chris Davis 9 years ago
Hello, Looking for plug-in to up-res upsample 1280x720 footage to 1920x1080. It would be wonderful if the plug-in would de-noise at the same time. The only upressing program I know of is Magic Bullet'
Re: What Plug-in to Up-Res 720p to 1080p? Like PS Genuine Fractals.
by viktor kopenkin 9 years ago
Hello Rafael, Would you be able to suggest any specific plug-ins in Shake for upconverting from SD to HD I'd appreciate any help. Victor
Updating FCP
by Abbie Labadie 11 years ago
I'm trying to update Final Cut Pro 6.0.1 to the current 6.0.6, but I get an error message stating that "you can only install this software on a disk that has" Final Cut Pro 6.0.5. Well, the only updat
Re: Updating FCP
by viktor kopenkin 11 years ago
Hello Shane, I remember you posted a comment about sharing old app pro updates. Would you be able to help me with 2007-02 and 2008-01 I'm going out of my mind trying to upgrade to be able to use Wrapt
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