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XDCAM - DV Effects Disabled
by Andrew Kaytor 11 years ago
Heres my workflow: -shoot greenscreen on XDCam HD -ingest via XD Transfer plugin for FCP -import clips into AE -drop XDCam footage onto DV comp -apply keylight filter and colour correction (levels hue
CS3 and Trapcode changes
by Andrew Kaytor 12 years ago
I've recently upgraded to AE CS3 as well as the Trapcode plugs. Now when I open projects that use Particular that I build in AE7 I get a warning saying "AE Warning: effect control conversion required
Re: CS3 and Trapcode changes
by adam taylor 11 years ago
Peder - I'm seeing the same message, but as i'm using 3dStroke on this project, i'm concerned that something may get changed whenever i open up the file. Is it harmless to 3dstroke users as well as Pa
Keylight & noise
by Jeremy Garchow 13 years ago
Hello. I am doing a green screen project (pretty well lit, not the best but far from the worst) shot on DV50 imported in at 10 bit uncompressed and deinterlaced (pulldown removed on capture so my foot
Re: Keylight & noise
by Andrew Kaytor 13 years ago
I noticed the same problem, thought it was DV artifact, started shooting Beta and ingesting 8bit, same problem. Here's my fix. Set up key with Keylight viewing Final Results and just ignore the noise
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