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Diagonal Gray Stripes on my clips (not offline)
by Steven Sproul 6 years ago
When I reopened my Premiere Project file, and I relinked all of my footage. Some of my clips in my timeline sequence had diagonal gray stripes over them and I could view them in the source monitor but
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Re: Diagonal Gray Stripes on my clips (not offline)
by Andreas Yannakopoulos 5 years ago
Had you interpreted any of your clips to another frame rate than they one they were shot I had the same issue on some clips that were shot at 50fps. I found the clips in my bin and I right clicked + M
When I "replace with AE composition" I get a blank comp in AE.
by Andreas Yannakopoulos 6 years ago
Hello people, I'd appreciate your help on this. I am working with Premiere Pro cs6. I am trying to send a clip in AE by selecting it and go to File Adobe Dynamic Link Replace with After Effects Compos
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