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cinema 4d nulls to after effects
by alex johnson 9 years ago
Is it possible to import cameras AND nulls to from cinema 4d to after effects I know about importing cameras using the RFP function, but can you get some nulls in there aswell http: www.vectormeldrew.
Re: cinema 4d nulls to after effects
by Adam Trachtenberg 9 years ago
Yes, you can export nulls. You have to give them external compositing tags and check the "include 3D data" box in the render save dialogue.
Photoshop 3D and After Effects
by alex johnson 10 years ago
Anyone here ever done anything cool with the 3D part of Photoshop and then transferred it into After Effects If so is there a link online to the piece, or a place where i can learn more about it thank
Re: Photoshop 3D and After Effects
by Michael Szalapski 10 years ago
And another: http: tutorials 3d_vanishing_point - The Great Szalam (The 'Great' stands for 'Not So Great, in fact, Extremely Humble') No trees were harmed in the creation of this mess
motion graphics showreel
by alex johnson 10 years ago
Looking for feedback on my latest motion graphics showreel. This is a collection of projects made using a mixture of Animation, Graphics, Live Footage and 3D. Software used: After Effects, Cinema 4D
Re: motion graphics showreel
by Chris Maytag 9 years ago
Very impressive! Here I am looking for I just need to try and not let "impressed" turn into "discouraged". :) --- Chris Maytag Sci. Visualization, Video & Motion Graphics FCS & CS5
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