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January 6th 2010
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Japan Tokyo
I'm music composer in japan.
by akiyuki kubota 9 years ago
I want to work with other country creator.thank you. http: www.myspace.com akiyukikubota
Composer Searching For Work
by James Monk 10 years ago
I am currently doing a HND in music production but hoping to break into the world of composition for film and TV, i have limited examples available of my work as i am fairly new to this and have a lot
Re: Composer Searching For Work
by akiyuki kubota 10 years ago
Hi!!my name is akiyuki. i'm composer. Hhh...sorry.I can't speak english well. I'm written Japanese Movie songs. example... please show me my home page!! http: kubotaakiyuki.com i want to touch many mo
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