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January 6th 2010
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Japan Tokyo
I'm music composer in japan.
by akiyuki kubota 9 years ago
I want to work with other country creator.thank you. http: www.myspace.com akiyukikubota
Composer Searching For Work
by James Monk 10 years ago
I am currently doing a HND in music production but hoping to break into the world of composition for film and TV, i have limited examples available of my work as i am fairly new to this and have a lot
Re: Composer Searching For Work
by akiyuki kubota 9 years ago
Hi!!my name is akiyuki. i'm composer. Hhh...sorry.I can't speak english well. I'm written Japanese Movie songs. example... please show me my home page!! http: kubotaakiyuki.com i want to touch many mo
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