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mask won't dissolve out
by aaron smith 9 years ago
I'm editing a project in fcp 7, i've added some rectangle masks on one track and put the video on the track above it (and changed the composite mode to travel matte-luma)...i'm using the masks to help
Re: mask won't dissolve out
by aaron smith 9 years ago
completely makes sense, thanks david...i also thought of nesting the items, but i of course would also have to add the handles i needed. It's strange that fc seems buggy on this, but maybe it's user e
footage falling out of sync
by aaron smith 9 years ago
I'm editing a music video that was shot on 16mm. the song was taken from the cd that was used as playback during the shoot, which she then of course, sang along with. after telecine, the footage came
Re: footage falling out of sync
by Chris Todd 9 years ago
This is an interesting issue. I had a weird version of it yesterday. I had recorded HD video at 23.98fps with accompanying 48kHz audio from the camera mic. I also recorded audio separately at 48kHz. (
3k prores files
by aaron smith 10 years ago
I was given the Prores HQ files that were made from the .r3d files. of course, some are prores 2k and some are prores 3k, since log and transfer doesn't resize the 3k files. and i know about fcp's pro
Re: 3k prores files
by Rafael Amador 10 years ago
Hi Aaron, Use whatever tool you want, EXCEPT the Media Manager. Use Compressor (Control Frame ON), or try with MPGSTreamclip. Both have Batch Export options. Cheers, rafael www.nagavideo.com
FCP 7 audio
by aaron smith 10 years ago
I'm doing a project on the upgrade, and for some reason, some audio clips are requiring me to render them. My format is DV-NTSC, the audio settings match the sequence settings, and I don't get the red
Re: FCP 7 audio
by aaron smith 10 years ago
Thanks Fred, the i think the foxy tunes add on for firefox is what was competing with fcp during renders, captures, etc. as for my audio, just wondering why some came in at 48khz, and some came in at
P2 drivers
by Ashley McPike 10 years ago
I have been trying to find the answer to this question all day so PLEASE help me!!! Okay so I shoot footage on a 16 GB P2 card using a HDX 500 Panasonic camera, I uploaded the footage to an external h
Re: P2 drivers
by aaron smith 10 years ago
oh i thought you had already done the log and transfer. final cut needs to transcode the mxf files to quicktime files so it can use them. log and transfer has to be done.
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