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Auto ducking on FCPX
by Jack Pegoraro 3 years ago
Can't seem to find a way of doing this on FCPX which is surprising since iMovie does it.. am I missing something
Re: Auto ducking on FCPX
by Francois Jean 3 years ago
If you have a lot of this task to do you could check this little software that can do the job... http: fcpx-autoduck FRANCOIS
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Copy to Library
by Oliver Peters 6 years ago
I have camera clips from a GH4 camera - 1080p H264 .MOV files. FCP X has to import these into the Library - "leave in place" is disabled. Why - Oliver Oliver Peters Post Production Services, LLC Orlan
Re: Copy to Library
by Francois Jean 6 years ago
Why is FCPX seeing this file as if it is on a camera card or camera folder Is there a linked metadata file in the same level as this file or could this file have some information in its header that pr
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Quick way to add sequential Takes to Clips metadata
by Daniel Elder 6 years ago
So I have 100's of clips takes for a TV Pilot I'm editing. I'm organizing all my clips right now and its super easy and great, except for adding takes to a series of clips. So if I have scene 1 and it
Re: Quick way to add sequential Takes to Clips metadata
by Francois Jean 6 years ago
Shot notes x can insert metadata from csv ( usually from notes taken on the set) or simply renaming selected clips of the event via the inspector ( Apply custom name menu) could modify the name seque
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Disadvantages of XAVC
by Frank Tsang 7 years ago
It looks like a flawless codec for the future but as we know nothing is perfect , Can anyone tell me the disadvantages of XAVC Thanks
Re: Disadvantages of XAVC
by Francois Jean 7 years ago
Edited my post ... I double checked and 2.2 does not yet do XAVC , we mostly work with XDCAM HD 422 and SR Tape for now and i had not tested XAVC. You have to go to page 229 to realize the fact. sorry
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Frame placement in timeline
by Ian Clark 10 years ago
Working on a stop animation project and want to learn how to automatically adjust multiple images' relative placement on the timeline, in relation to one another For instance, say there's 1000 still i
Re: Frame placement in timeline
by Francois Jean 10 years ago
I don't know how you are actually deleting these frames... You can "Ripple delete" (shift delete) these frame. This can be time consuming but if you map it to a specific key for a shortcut... hope thi
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