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MPG-2 files
by Carson Hamlin 11 years ago
Hi there, I'm a manager in a government video production dept. We have a new Tricaster Brodcast unit that we're doing some live things with. One of the changes Newtek has made with the TriCaster Broad
Re: MPG-2 files
by Yuri Reznichenko 11 years ago
Hi there. The problem is, as far as I learned, is in how quicktime treats sizes in mpeg-2. For example, if you make a mpeg-2 from a 720x576 (rectangular) PAL movie, you'll see 720x540 square in both q
Mac Pro 8 core gets floored by G5 dual 2.7 running compressor 3
by Justin Ferar 12 years ago
Well we turned everything over to the new 8 core MacPro for encoding to MPEG2. Latest results encoding 1:35:00 720p60 Pro Res HQ program (self contained QT file) to MPEG2... MacPro 8 core (3.0 GHZ) ta
Re: You need to set up a virtual cluster
by Valentino Zertuche 11 years ago
You all have to remember several things regarding virtual clusters. First, if you have 4 cores, only set up 3 instances or if you have 8 cores only set up 7 instances. Your speed will be significantly
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HELP! "language codes for english and english-2 must be different"
by Sean Stringer 12 years ago
Any advice on this would be great, deadline approaching...
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Re: HELP! "language codes for english and english-2 must be different"
by Martin Anderson 11 years ago
Thankyou so much for the post - I just had the same problem and it would have taken me hours to figure it out
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