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Orphan menu issue
by Michael James 11 years ago
I've been happily creating a DVD in Encore CS3 and when I check the project one of my transcoded MPGs comes up as an orphan menu, if I click on it Encore crashes. When I look at my list of menus it is
Re: Orphan menu issue
by Yarim Machado 10 years ago
Solved it! Do this if you dont want to redo your project. To get rid of an orphan menu you have to select it, it should appear on the box at the bottom of the flowshart menu, drag it to the flowchart,
interlacing! help!!
by Yarim Machado 10 years ago
A quick question. Does after effects adds interlace to your project by default when you render or is it progressive as a default Labrats Multimedia 2D 3D Animation, Composit, Illustration and characte
Re: interlacing! help!!
by Yarim Machado 10 years ago
Thank you Andy.. What i thought... I got worried because I re imported some footage that I rendered as a quicktime (original wasnt video just swf's and when i interpret footage it says lower fields...
wall of lights
by josh coyne 11 years ago
I am looking for a way to create, either in real life or CG a light wall for a music video I am shooting Next month. Below is the idea in action. anyone know of where to rent one, how to build one, or
Re: wall of lights
by Yarim Machado 11 years ago
I did a music video with a similar idea and I got a great result. You will have the best of the results if you shoot it completly on stage... If you are looking for a realistic effect, you can play wi
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