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Not exactly an affordable solution
by Tyler Jones 11 years ago
Hi, We read this article at our company and got excited about finally having an affordable solution for a SAN like we've wanted for a couple of years. We poured over all the details in the article and
Re: Not exactly an affordable solution
by Wyler Furgeson 11 years ago
Hey Tyler, We are the oldest SAN Management Software companies in business with the most mature Software in terms of #of Seats sold usage. We just dramatically adjusted our pricing to accomidate the i
Charismac Woes
by Sean Davison 11 years ago
Is it just me or are there a host of problems running Fibreshare on Leopard Charismac says it runs OK but we keep getting a message telling us that the Background application hasnt launched so FS wont
Re: Charismac Woes
by Wyler Furgeson 11 years ago
Hello Sean, FibreShare does run fine with Leopard. What exactly makes you think it is a specific FibreShare issue and not something else in the SAN Since Software which people interact with is at the
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