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Avid ISIS and Apple
by Wyatt Keel 6 years ago
Ok, about a year ago my office made the switch from Avid to Final Cut Pro. I am a little angry at Apple because they helped us plan out a large Final Cut Server workflow, but somehow forgot to mention
Re: Avid ISIS and Apple
by Mark Raudonis 6 years ago
Wyatt, We were in your situation over a year ago... all Final Cut X-SAN, and switched to AVID ISIS. We did NOT get rid of the X-SAN and still use it for archiving, storage, and the occasional FCP proj
RED Recording Time
by Wyatt Keel 8 years ago
Hello, I am in charge of gathering information for new equipment for my company and I am considering getting a few RED One cameras. Our production house does several videos per year, and at least 4 li
Re: RED Recording Time
by Wyatt Keel 8 years ago
Trust me, I've done my research. And I know that it's going to be a chunk of change. It's in the budget however. The Panasonic cameras that are also on the table are about $60K per camera plus a $30K
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