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Editude loves telling stories, by using the power of moving images. Whether you’re communicating with employees, clients, prospects or external relations, we will make your story a compelling one.

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July 10th 2007
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bandwidth showreel
by Wim Coenen 10 years ago
Hello, I've recently uploaded my showreel to creative cow. I followed the guidelines, but when I look at the video (see below), it's playing at a low framerate... I think I have to replace it with a l
Re: bandwidth showreel
by Wim Coenen 10 years ago
Hi Stephen, Thank you, I found it! I've just uploaded a new version, and it's currently in moderation... Wim. Wim Coenen Editude.nl
location of capture presets on disk
by Wim Coenen 12 years ago
Hello, I'm installing new FCP capture presets and sequence presets on all FCP's in our company (82 clients), so I'm looking for a way to automate this. Does anyone know where to find the capture prese
Re: location of capture presets on disk
by Russell Lasson 12 years ago
The info is either in library application support final cut pro system support custom settings or it is the actual preferences. I think it will be a combination of both. Preferences are in user librar
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