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Prop./Visual effects designer, IslandFX
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December 1st 2003
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3D tracking
by William Mahler 12 years ago
I have a shot which will incorporate live action & CG elements (a small virtual set that breaks up). There will be camera motion. Are there any freelance 3D trackers or tracking services who deliver c
Re: 3D tracking
by Ben Hawkins 12 years ago
Here is another one its free and works great for me! http: www.digilab.uni-hannover.de docs manual.html Its called voodoo tracker Have fun I got the hottest beats and the softest fur.
CAD Blocks
by Alan Kelch 12 years ago
I'm looking into making a website dedicated in making AutoCAD blocks of Video and Audio equipment (Inputs and Outputs) to be sold or given away..Professional and consumer equipment. Does this sound li
Re: CAD Blocks
by William Mahler 12 years ago
Try ThomasNet.com. They have tons of PartSpec elements.
rounding edges
by William Mahler 12 years ago
A client has provided me a model of his product as an .STL file. The file imports OK but has 90 degree edges which the client now wants to be rounded. How would I best do this TIA WmMahler
Re: rounding edges
by Colin Thomson 12 years ago
If it's not already an editable spline then add the modifer. Go to the sub-object mode select vertices, select all vertices on spline, right click and select "smooth". Hope this helps .... Colin
chicken rigging
by William Mahler 14 years ago
I've made a low poly chicken but I'm a little intimidated trying to bone & rig it. I'd be interested to know if any freelancers might be interested in rigging this bird and what it might cost. I don't
Re: chicken rigging
by Colin Thomson 14 years ago
I would go ahead and give it a try. Modify a biped to fit the model. You could then use motion capture files for walking. Hope this helps .... Colin
An informal poll to gauge intrest in a new way of doing realtime 3d graphics
by Simon Carlson-Thies 14 years ago
The point of this post is to get feedback and see how much intrest there is in a new piece of hardware I am looking into manufacturing soon. It is a parallel external grpahics processing system. The s
Re: An informal poll to gauge intrest in a new way of doing realtime 3d graphics
by William Mahler 14 years ago
Interested Yes, of course! But it's mostly about price point and solid performance. Have you run this poll on the Autodesk Combustion forum I'm sure ther would be a lot of interest there. Good luck! W
Looking for a chicken
by William Mahler 14 years ago
Hey all, I'm looking for a model of a chicken and it's been slim pickins. Most of what I'm finding are lorez cartoony chickens. I seen on candidate but it's a Lightwave 7.5 ( .lwo, .lw, .lws ) format
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