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Jessica Mantheiy

Walter Soyka
Jessica Mantheiy 6 years ago

I see that you are close by! I am actually going to start working for Chesapeake Systems here in 2 weeks out in Baltimore, so it looks like we will be close!.

Would love know more about your skills and what not!
William Chilcoat 6 years ago
It would be helpful if I had my website up. I had to shut it down because I decided to switch hosts. Adobe has great hosting service package with the creative cloud services so I'm currently trying to [more]
William Chilcoat 7 years ago
Walter you're a very busy guy. I appreciate all the help you have given me through out the past 3 days. I'm a little upset about not having enough RAM but I will surely share my experience with a 27" multi touch work station. I'm sure it will create a new experience when using AE, Maya, 3D Max etc...

A more important question I wanted to ask you if you have the time... how did you start off? It's really hard to find a good job here in Baltimore for VFX work, anything relative is required 5years of experience, which I don't have. graduating from AAU in 2010 its been tough to find something. Any suggestions from your past experiences?

MacBook pro to All-In-One PC?
by William Chilcoat 7 years ago
Having an outdated 2007 MacBook pro, leaves me no choice but to upgrade to a newer computer. My Mac can no longer run the new CS6 AE along with my 3D software. I've priced out the iMacs and I know the
Re: MacBook pro to All-In-One PC?
by William Chilcoat 7 years ago
Walter - I appreciate all your help. It makes me feel more settled that it'll run and blow my MBP out of the water. I'm so use to my mbp i dont know the seed of a good computer. How will plug-ins pref
William Chilcoat 7 years ago
I'm trying to help a friend out. I need help converting her MiniDV to digital. I unfortunately don't own a camera that supports MiniDV's any more. Any help would be very appreciated.
Glasses Reflection- Masking or Replacing
by Mike Fares 7 years ago
I have a shot in a short I am editing which is a straight on close up of very reflective sunglasses, you can easily see camera cameraman reflections in the shot and I am interested in either taking ou
Re: Glasses Reflection- Masking or Replacing
by William Chilcoat 7 years ago
You can email me segments of the clip through email (compressed of course) or if you can post it somewhere for download that also would work (something like icloud maybe, not to sure how that works).
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