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Proanimator crashes when returning to AE (fix???)
by William Angell 3 years ago
I've had this issue for a very long time and it never seems to go away no matter what is tried. I decided to take matters in my own hands and try and solve the issue by just trying different things. I
Illustrator import only shows some of layers
by William Angell 3 years ago
I have an illustrator file that has each state as its own layer. I've tried to import this file in every way possible but I can only import a portion of the layers. How can I import all 50 layers at o
AE CS6 crashes when i Exit ProAnimator editor 8.6 to return to AE on Windows.
by William Angell 5 years ago
Initially, I had some missing maps. I located them and fixed that issue. But, everytime i enter the ProAnimator and do something, or do nothing, when I exit the ProAnimator editor, AE crashes. AE just
Sizing a Scene for After Effects
by William Angell 6 years ago
After I create a scene in pro animator and return to After Effects CC, part of the scene is missing. Is there a way to display the after effects comp size in pro animator, or is it simply guess work
Re: Sizing a Scene for After Effects
by Edward Wu 6 years ago
Hi William, If I am understanding your correctly, you are saying that after you set up your ProAnimator scene, then come back into the After Effects Comp, part of the scene is missing. If this is corr
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