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Expression for color control
by Pierre-Alexis Tremblay 11 years ago
Hi, I like to use expressions but am not very good at programming. I'm trying to figure out a way to randomly assign a color from a custom color palette (few colors, let's say maximum 12) to a shape l
Re: Expression for color control
by Will McMillian 4 years ago
To make this last longer than a single frame, this worked for me; pre-comp and enable time-remapping to your new layer. Then apply this expression to the time re-mapping: framesToTime(Math.floor(timeT
Exporting uncompressed avi files?
by Helena Masterson 7 years ago
Up until last week I was using QuickTime Pro to export uncompressed AVI files using .mov's that I exported from After Effects. This work flow worked fine but I have just upgraded to Mountain Lion this
Re: Exporting uncompressed avi files?
by Will McMillian 6 years ago
This worked like a charm! Pasted into Terminal, hit return, then restart QT an the 'None' option was there upon export. Great!
pedulum expression help
by Greg Hahn 11 years ago
veloc = 6; amplitutde = 40; decay = 1.25; t = time; amplitude*Math.cos(veloc*t) Math.exp(decay*t);I'm relatively new to expressions so any guidance would be appreciated... I'm using a slight modificat
Re: pedulum expression help
by Will McMillian 10 years ago
I am using the same wonderful expression, though having trouble assigning a start value, say 'starting swinging from -110 , eventually resting at 0 . Any thoughts thx in advance
Swinging hinge effect for per-character 3d?
by Corbin Gross 11 years ago
I'd like to have the characters swing down and settle. I can do it per word or line with an expression on the rotation of the layer but I'd like to do it using the per-character if possible. Here's wh
Re: Swinging hinge effect for per-character 3d?
by Will McMillian 10 years ago
How would I adapt this to work on an image rather than a text animator I know it's probably something very simple I'm missing - thx!
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