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Animating text from the center out
by Art Meier 9 years ago
I am trying to animate my text from the center out. Right now I getting sketchy results using 2 animators. One using ramp up and the other using ramp down. Is there a better way
Re: Animating text from the center out
by Wes Townsend 6 years ago
Greetings from the future's future! To emulate the "Showtime type-on look" (new letters popping up in the center of the line, then tracking out), use the AE default "typewriter effect", then just anim
DOF Camera Noise
by Chris Morgan 8 years ago
Hi, Im using a single node camera, with DOF on and not locked to zoom, When I change the focus distance and stop on certain areas there is a random area of noise on my images. Can anyone explain why t
Re: DOF Camera Noise
by Wes Townsend 8 years ago
Bump! I'm having the same issues as well. It seems to happen when the focus distance passes the zoom distance. -Wes
odometer - integer snapping
by Wes Townsend 9 years ago
Hi, Trying to create an odometer, like the one created by Mr. A. Rabinowitz, in his podcast "Creating an Odometer - Part 2". I am unable to find the expression written by Dan Ebberts that keeps all in
Odometer tutorial
by Maggie Hoppe 12 years ago
Aharon's and Dan Ebberts tutorials on creating an odometer are spot on helpful. Thanks. But I wish I could figure out the expression Aharon hinted about in the tutorial that would force the numbers to
Re: Odometer tutorial
by Wes Townsend 9 years ago
Anyone find an answer to this My odometer won't stop otherwise! Wes Townsend Owner Senior Designer Garbanzo Grafix garbanzo.tv
One Equalizer to Rule Them All...
by Wes Townsend 10 years ago
Trying to build an equalizer. Yes, I know, Sound Keys, Convert Audio to Keyframes, Grid layer as mask, etc., etc... The difference is I need the peaks of each column to be white, then drop slowly unti
Re: One Equalizer to Rule Them All...
by Wes Townsend 10 years ago
Well, dodged the bullet and talked the client out of this one. The solution I went with is just precomping the soundkeys scope, then alpha-matting a blue grid on top. At the beginning and end of the m
Slow video playback, audio out of sync
by Daci GUTIERREZ 12 years ago
I have a problem: I have been using AE7 for a while now, but since yesterday video plays slower than it should on RAM playback. As sound plays back at a normal rate, the playback is out of sync, and a
Re: Slow video playback, audio out of sync
by Wes Townsend 11 years ago
I started getting audio video sync issues on my newly built XP64 (AE CS3) box. I'm very proficient in AE, and tried all the usual culprits (restarting, updating AE, updating a v drivers, preference tw
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