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Track height CC2018
by Warren 2 years ago
In previous versions, I could use my mouse to increase or decrease the height of my tracks. Handy for expanding an audio track to view the waveform and make adjustments, and then collapse to get more
Re: Track height CC2018
by Oliver Peters 2 years ago
I believe this changed a bit. I think you now have to hold down option and then scroll (mouse with a scroll wheel). - Oliver Oliver Peters - oliverpeters.com
Warren liked this 2 years ago
usb mixer causes Premiere to play slow
by Warren 2 years ago
I have a Yamaha MG10XU USB mixer plugged into a MacPro. After I updated to Sierra, the mixer caused the playback to slow down. (Worked fine in El Capitan) If I switch my audio output to display audio,
Deleted GoPro files
by Warren 4 years ago
Does anyone know of a way to recover deleted GoPro files Files were deleted in the camera; card has not been used since the delete. I've tried several different recovery programs. They find .mp4 files
Premiere elements to CC?
by Warren 5 years ago
Is there a way to convert an Elements project to a CC project It used to be that you could just change the extension from .prel to .prproj. I tried that (Elements project created in Windows, I'm worki
Re: Premiere elements to CC?
by Warren 5 years ago
Tried it. Premiere CC import can't see a .prel file. Warren Morningstar
Nested sequences in CC
by Warren 5 years ago
When I drop a sequence into an existing timeline, CC now brings in the individual clips from the sequence, rather than the sequence itself. Have I inadvertently changed a setting or is this new behavi
Re: Nested sequences in CC
by Warren 5 years ago
Thanks, Andy, for the quick response. If that button was in previous versions, I sure as heck didn't notice it. Warren Morningstar
new behavior in source monitor?
by Warren 6 years ago
All of a sudden, when I mark in and out points on a clip in the source monitor, it loops between the points, and I can't play any of the clip outside the in and out. Before I could play any part of th
Re: new behavior in source monitor?
by Warren 6 years ago
DOH! Didn't think to look there. Thanks much. Warren Morningstar
Capture card suggestions?
by Warren 12 years ago
Hello, all. I'd appreciate your suggestions on a capture card. I'm running Pro 2 on a reasonably fast quad core machine. I'm shooting SD & HDV, editing with the Cineform codec, and don't expect to go
Re: Capture card suggestions?
by Warren 12 years ago
Thanks. Are you using it yourself I have an Intensity (not Pro) card in my machine now, but don't use it much because it only works on an HD timeline. Apparently my Samsung monitor doesn't support the
AE to PowerPoint?
by Warren 13 years ago
I want to play animated graphics I've created in AE (with an alpha channel) in a PowerPoint presentation. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or explanation of how I can do this (Tried exporting as a .s
Re: AE to PowerPoint?
by Kevin Camp 13 years ago
i don't have powerpoint, but check the powerpoint help menu for media file types that powerpoint works with. or try microsoft's site. my guess is that it will take an mpg, wmv or avi. quality, frame s
Sub menu problem
by Warren 13 years ago
I have a simple project with one time line and chapters. I have a main menu with buttons linking to 4 sub-menus. Each sub-menu (except the last) has five buttons linking to chapter markers and one but
Re: Sub menu problem - resolved
by Warren 13 years ago
Found the issue - button routing.
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