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I specialize in design and technology for motion graphics, widescreen/multi-screen display, and high-impact presentations.

My studio, Keen Live, is built around the idea that design and engineering go hand-in-hand. We are proud to help our clients... [more]
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Re: what this button does?
by Steve Bentley 3 weeks ago
I don't have any quick fix tutorials at my finger tips (others might). I've been doing this so long I've learned the hard way - embarrassment! But you could do worse than subscribe to CineFx magazine.
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Franz Bieberkopf and Apple Talk
by Aindreas Gallagher 7 months ago
Hey there, mad forum, I missed the whole shennanigans around the forum name change, not madly up to speed, but Apple Talk feels like it's the end of an era I guess I just wanted to say that I had a ma
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Orange and Green and Black and Blue, What's an Artist Gonna Do?
by Andrew Somers 7 months ago
HI Pilip, Yes I definitely agree with Dave that this is a poorly lit and uneven screen, and that's probably going to cause the greatest problems. ON THE SUBJECT OF TRACKING MARKERS: Unfortunately prod
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Re: FCP X hits 3.5 Million users?
by James Culbertson 7 months ago
Shawn Miller "so I haven't really seen an uptake of FCPX or Resolve... it could just be the circles that I run in though." Yes, I would say that it being known that I am fluent in FCP 10 (and actuall
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Re: New Desktop For After Effects
by Michael Szalapski 8 months ago
Andrew Somers "AE used to multithread, it went away only because they are changing the render system and are "supposed" to be bringing multithreading back in a better way........ but apparently not y
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Re: "Colour Edge" or "Edge Extend" tool in After Effects
by Richard Garabedain 8 months ago
So i've been playing around...What about Refine Hard Matte effect...if you put the shift edge to 100...increase the decontamination and then feather it a bit you get a pretty similar result then you c
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Re: Film Logo, any copyright violations?
by Blaise Douros 9 months ago
Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal; bad poets deface what they take, and good poets make it into something better, or at least something different . --T.S. Eliot
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Re: Reconsidering FCPX in Hollywood
by Shawn Miller 12 months ago
Andy Neil "Only that it can make a lot of sense for those companies that don't want to rent seats at $50 a pop." To be fair, that $50-$85 a month gets you much more than Premiere Pro. I think that's
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Re: Reconsidering a pompous editing system made by Apple engineers.
by Simon Ubsdell 12 months ago
I've always felt that this forum without Aindreas was like Gladiator without Russell Crowe. It lost most of its lustre when he went into premature retirement. (Sorry, Tim, I know you disagree.) Simon
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Re: Apple to ditch Intel?
by Oliver Peters 1 year ago
Joe Marler "4k H264" All variants of this format are from the devil. - Oliver Oliver Peters -
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Re: FCPX and documentary editing
by Steve Connor 1 year ago
Bill Davis "The point of the idiom is that people very often see the exact same thing in two completely different ways. " Yep, some of us like to write our songs by "jamming" and others prefer to wri
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Re: How would you go about recreating this effect within After Effects? (Maybe Particular?)
by Steve Bentley 1 year ago
Thats definitely stock footage of rolling fog smoke (probably man made) And its not a custom element they shot for it because you can see the loop point and its not been handled very well (if it was c
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Re: More "demystification"...
by Jeremy Garchow 1 year ago
Robert d'Alexis "It's "C'est la vie", not "Ces't la vie " Translation: That s life, not T hats life. :-D
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Re: The Color Wheels Mystery - Demystified
by Jeremy Garchow 1 year ago
Herb Sevush "I have learned more about the design and workings of the color wheel from these threads than in all I had read previously. " This is true of almost any of Simon s videos. Amidst the how
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Re: OT: the ultimate editing machine?
by Michael Gissing 1 year ago
Bob Zelin "An ASUS motherboard with three NVidia 1080ti GPU's and an Intel X550 10G port is more of "the ultimate edit machine" than any HP Z840." Today's ultimate might last a few months at most. It
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Re: AVID Presentation Thurs at KeyCode - the natives were restless.
by Tim Wilson 2 years ago
Scott Thomas "Wasn't Avid's reaction to FCP, to buy Pinnacle to kill their hardware IO for FCP " Absolutely not. I was not only at Avid at the time, I was the Senior Product Marketing Manager respons
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Re: AVID Presentation Thurs at KeyCode - the natives were restless.
by Tim Wilson 2 years ago
andy patterson "I am not sure it was the HDV codec." It was absolutely not the HDV codec. That article was pulling stuff out of thin air based on what THEY found compelling in Liquid, which is fine,
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Re: Why FCPX?
by Oliver Peters 2 years ago
Walter Soyka "For a team with multiple interdependencies, it's much harder. Every decision on a team has ripple effects, so changing a single piece of the workflow or slowing down a specific step for
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Re: Duplicate or Snapshot
by Andy Neil 2 years ago
Greg Ball "So in my case, would just duplicate a Snapshot so I can keep the original, then just label the Snapshot as Version 2 " That would not help you. The snapshot should be v1, and then you cont
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Re: 360 Video Capture Options
by David Lawrence 2 years ago
Walter Soyka "David, have you had occasion to try Mistika VR yet I have not, and I'd be very curious to hear about your opinion." Hi Walter, Yes I have and I like it very much. It's incredibly fast a
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Re: Keying out Black Artifacts in White areas
by Walter Soyka 8 years ago
It's not a perfect solution, but I got pretty good results on your test still by precomping the footage, then using Threshold and Median to create a luma matte for an adjustment layer over the origina
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