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Walter Soyka

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I specialize in design and technology for motion graphics, widescreen/multi-screen display, and high-impact presentations.

My studio, Keen Live, is built around the idea that design and engineering go hand-in-hand. We are proud to help our clients... [more]
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March 29th 2008
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Technical Information:
System Details:
HP Z800
12-core 3.06 GHz
Quadro 6000
6 TB G-Speed (RAID5 on ATTO R680)

Apple Mac Pro
8-core 2.8 GHz
Quadro 4000
9 TB CalDigit HDOne (RAID5)
Personal Information:
I really enjoy business and marketing, which is part of the appeal for me in the corporate work that I do.

I also love baseball -- go Yankees!
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