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Avid Pan and Zoom
by John Hill 6 years ago
I have some jpegs from my iphone that look good when viewed on my Mac desktop. They don't look good in Avid MC even when I use Avid Pan and Zoom, which links to them on the desktop. I have have full g
Re: Avid Pan and Zoom
by Walter Lowe 6 years ago
OH, SD... How I don't miss working with you at all. Not even a little... Walter Lowe President, Blackburst Entertainment Director - DP - Editor
C300 plugin
by Daniel Schultz 7 years ago
I'm on MC 5.0 and I want to import native canon c300 files. Do I need a special plugin When I do an import, I can navigate and open the MXF files individually in the CONTENTS folders. Is that the righ
Re: C300 plugin
by Walter Lowe 6 years ago
The footage the C300 delivers is great. I've been shooting everything from national commercials to corporate videos on this camera in Orlando and I just love it! Access the clips through AMA and make
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