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Juan Salvo
Candle test V10?!
by Margus Voll 6 years ago
Hi. As V10 will emerge in not so distant future and machines are insanely fast maybe we could make new version of candle test for it I have some material i have shot on my BMC cam as dng 2,5k (2400x13
Re: Candle test V10?!
by Vladimir Kucherov 6 years ago
Great idea! However, what's the best way to handle isolating the things we are testing. Your 2.5k cinema DNG footage, for example, might bottleneck GPU CPU performance. However, doing tests on lightwe
Radeon 7990 and other OpenCL cards
by Vladimir Kucherov 6 years ago
I am more or less understanding of performance amongst the NVidia offerings, between the 680s, Titans, and 770s, but does anyone have experience running Radeon offerings. I'm looking specifically at t
Re: Radeon 7990 and other OpenCL cards
by EricBowen 6 years ago
Where CUDA was developed first before Open CL and has far more memory management refinement time, Cuda performance is better and often far less buggy. I would not suggest any ATI over the Titan for GP
New Mac Pro
by Vladimir Kucherov 6 years ago
Thoughts Basically a CPU core and all expansion via Thunderbolt. Makes a lot of sense. I wonder if there will be an elegant enclosure to hold all the bits together and how much they'll sell the variou
Re: New Mac Pro
by Vladimir Kucherov 6 years ago
What are the bandwidth differences we are talking about PCIe 2 x16 which is what is in all the current mac pros is currently 8gb s from the reading I could find. TB2 according to the presentation supp
Manually Entering Timecode
by Matt Silverman 6 years ago
Hi, I'm new to Resolve and so far am amazed at how intuitive it has become. One thing that I can't figure out... In the Conform module I want to manually type in the timecode in the Source window to s
Re: Manually Entering Timecode
by Vladimir Kucherov 6 years ago
Nope - I've been hoping for this for a while, but this is only available if you have the 30k DaVinci panels. Although, I'm assuming that will change in Resolve 10. You can't really call it an editoria
Replacement video card for GUI
by Brian McLaren 6 years ago
Running a 2008 Mac Pro with a GTX 285 for GPU and a GT 120 for GUI. The GT 120 died and I can't find a replacement. What would be a good replacement video card Keep in mind that all my PCI power socke
Re: placement video card for GUI
by Vladimir Kucherov 6 years ago
By only card, you mean just have the 680 as GUI + Cuda
DaVinci Resolve 10
by Peter Chamberlain 6 years ago
We are pleased to announce DaVinci Resolve 10. For those of you unable to visit us at the south hall of NAB here is a list of new features. This is a no charge upgrade for existing customers and will
Ronen Pestes liked this 6 years ago
Re: DaVinci Resolve 10
by Vladimir Kucherov 6 years ago
Question - now that you're giving us even more ways to kill real-time playback (OFX and optical flow), will there be changes to the way the render cache works
archiving projects
by steve voyk 6 years ago
Hi guys, I am trying to understand what everyone does when it's time to get projects off the Resolve system and archived. I'm assuming you either export the project file or copy it from the project da
Re: archiving projects
by Vladimir Kucherov 6 years ago
You can render the project out as a flat pass, with handles, and re-import the DaVinci Generated XML back into Resolve. Now your source media are the "V1-001" files from Resolve without color on them,
Juan Salvo 7 years ago
Great chatting today. Send me an email at js@juansalvo.com so i have your info.
Setup bars on FCPs color bars problem
by Vladimir Kucherov 10 years ago
Hi everyone, I've done a search on here and the greater Internet and just can't find any leads. Basically, I'm currently using Final Cut 7 along with a BlackMagic intensity, running HDMI out to a JVC
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