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Motion Graphics Designer, VFX Artist, Nuke/Fusion compositor
by Vitaly Verlov 2 years ago
Hi, My name is Vitaly. I've been working in the design media VFX industry for 8+ years on a variety of award-winning television and film projects back in Moscow Russia, and just moved to Los Angeles.
Art director / Motion graphics designer / Compositor
by Vitaly Verlov 5 years ago
Hi, here is my motion graphics & VFX demoreel: http: 82774531 As a matter of fact, I'm looking for a motion graphics art director position in the Los Angeles area. Open for any opportunities
Motion Graphics / 3D Artist Position
by Vitaly Verlov 6 years ago
Hi Everyone, Here is my motion graphics and VFX reel I've put together recently: http: 82774531 As a matter of fact, I'm interested in finding a job in Los Angeles area and would be pleased
Re: Motion Graphics / 3D Artist Position
by Lea Lambert 6 years ago
Please send your reel, resume and salary requirements to: Submit the above to grfx dot network at Thank you. NFL Network.
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