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Issue while Conforming !
by Vishnu Pillai 2 years ago
After the new 15.2 update i am facing a few problem while conforming media.. Currently i am working on a television series and when i import media and conform with offline media some of the clips do n
Re: Issue while Conforming !
by Vishnu Pillai 2 years ago
Thank you all for you replies, the issue was resolve with right clicking on the non matched clip and turning on conform lock enable this icon ! appears and other footages shows in the list .
Effect Query
by Vishnu Pillai 6 years ago
https: watch v=QTj5NRWQcjk on this following video starting from duration 0:40 to 0:59 two effects have been used first is box panning with border and other box effects. want to know h
Re: Effect Query
by Mark Suszko 6 years ago
This could be something from the collections of Digital Juice. Or it could be created in a compositing program like Motion or AfterEffects. Really, far as I can tell, it's a relatively simple animated
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