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14 years’ experience as Graphic Design/Multimedia working on multitasking graphics in Video Visual Effects, 3D Modeling, 2D Illustration/Animation, Web Design, Interactive CDs, Interface Designs, Desktop Publishing, Print Designs with PC and Mac environment.
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December 22nd 2007
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Question regarding Printing a 40" x 27" poster
by Scott Di Lalla 11 years ago
Application Photoshop cs2 Let me see if I can word this correctly: I am making a 40"x 27" poster in photoshop cs2 and I have a question regarding Resolution (dpi) vs Document size. 98% of the artwork
Re: Question regarding Printing a 40" x 27" poster
by Viqar Amjad 11 years ago
Dear Scott Di Lalla, Yes! quality of your poster will desrease, when you increase the 72 dpi to 300. Remember the rule, if you are designing any poster or document size for printing, at 1st your prefe
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