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Motion Tracking Issues
by Damian Livesey 10 years ago
Hi I m a university student working on a short film for a compositing module. In the final shot of the movie there is a man throwing his head into a fish tank. The character needs two simple Fish Gill
Re: Motion Tracking Issues
by Viktor Nuevo 10 years ago
I havent been able to see the videos since it says it s password protected. Anyway I recommen you trying to do the tracking with mocha and then exporting to AE. I have shot crappy quality videos and t
Suggestions on codec for HD rendering
by Jason Hare 10 years ago
Hi all, I am creating some 1080i25 graphics in After Effects that is for use on an Avid Nitris Symphony, using DNxHD185 codec. I am looking for suggestions on choice of codec, based on others experien
Re: Suggestions on codec for HD rendering
by Viktor Nuevo 10 years ago
Using .mov file format and animation codec will keep the quality and lower a bit the file size. Anyway, for smaller file sizes you could use H.264 but your quality will decrese... KISS philosophy: Kee
Text scrolling or crawling
by Viktor Nuevo 10 years ago
Hi everybody, I m editing and composting a project for college and some of the footage is about a "home shopping network". I wanted to make a crawling text at the bottom and I was wondering if there s
Re: Text scrolling or crawling
by Bartek Skorupa 10 years ago
I don't know what could be easier than creating just two keyframes at the beginning and at the end. There are of-course some other ways, but I don't find any of them better than just keyframing. Regar
After Effects isn't compatible with .mov files?
by Deepak Adhikary 10 years ago
Hey everyone, I have a weird problem with importing .mov files into Adobe After Effects CS4. I already have one .mov file imported in the project, but when I try to import another .mov file, it says t
Re: After Effects isn't compatible with .mov files?
by Viktor Nuevo 10 years ago
I recommed you using Canopus Procoder to determine what codec it has. Anyway, using the software called "super" you can convert it to any other file format and codec Try, fail and re-try
Picking a camera...
by Sean Ballew 10 years ago
I'm getting in to video editing using After Effects, and I'm really liking it. However, I'm using my phone right now to capture stuff. Pictures are decent, but not great, and videos are awful. So I ne
Re: Picking a camera...
by Viktor Nuevo 10 years ago
I bought a Kodak Zi8 about 4 months ago, it s really great for small projects. I use AE only to learn and for some college projects and this camera does the job just great. It s full HD and it has a r
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Wondering how this is done......
by Gent Ng 12 years ago
Hi there, I am very interested in how this news program from Canada did their news open, lower thirds (basically the whole visual effects stuff) I am particularly interested in how they animated and t
Re: Wondering how this is done......
by Mike Park 12 years ago
I just sent you an email with the requested files. Enjoy
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3rd Party Motion Tracker Plugin for AE?
by Eric Goldstein 14 years ago
Hi, Does anyone know of a 3rd party motion tracker for AE that's superior to the one included in the professional version ThanksEric Goldstein Giraffe Film Company Los Angeles
Re: 3rd Party Motion Tracker Plugin for AE?/Averaging Expression
by Colin Braley 14 years ago
When I am averaging multiple tracks I use an expression like this: begin expression tracks = ____ , ______, _____ ,_____ ,_____ ; don't modify below this line p = 0,0 ; for(i = 0; i tracks.length; i++
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