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BLARE Media was formed in 2005 in Fresno, California by filmmaker and technology buff Justin McAleece and entrepreneur and marketer Blake Barnett. Their mission was to create the best quality video productions possible for local businesses that did n... [more]
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November 4th 2011
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Corporate Video Production
by Blake Barnett 5 years ago
Corporate Video Production is an important part of many video business bottom line. It is the bread and butter as we often call it and as an industry is one of the more conservative parts of our busin
Re: Corporate Video Production
by Bob Roberts 4 years ago
In addition to increasing production values there are also new areas that are opening up for video. Things that used to be covered with stills or print are now being covered with video. Look at the pr
Freelance Gear Rentals & Support Crew Database
by Blake Barnett 5 years ago
If you would like to rent out your camera gear or get booked for crew support roles you should list yourself and gear (If any) on The site does not charge any fees. Blake Barnett Projec
High Dynamic Range (HDR) in Video?
by Blake Barnett 6 years ago
Is it possible to capture High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI or HDR) with a video camera HDR techniques have been used by photographers to reproduce an image with a greater range of luminosity than can
Re: High Dynamic Range (HDR) in Video?
by Bob Cole 6 years ago
Nice work! I want to know more about your secret sauce. Thanks for sharing. Bob C
HMI Lighting
by Blake Barnett 9 years ago
Lighting is everything! Whether it's natural sunlight, subdued ambience, perfect practicals or complex Hollywood style lighting, the image owes all of its power to light. An expensive but required typ
Re: HMI Lighting
by Todd Terry 9 years ago
I was won over to HMIs several years ago, and now I predominantly use daylight lighting. It's just so pretty and makes things much easier to do, most of the time. I probably only use tungsten lighting
Video Production Gear for DSLR Shoots
by Blake Barnett 9 years ago
The majority of dSLR shooters require a light gear load as we usually do not have the luxury of a full crew to help carry our stuff. We also might move to several locations in a single day, and more e
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Re: Video Production Gear for DSLR Shoots
by Brent Dunn 9 years ago
Glidecam and slider is also a nice addition to your kit as well as proper lighting equipment. Brent Dunn Owner Director Editor DunnRight Films DunnRight Video Marketing Sony EX-1
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