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I am 3d generalist with over 8 years of experience. Character animation and rigging is what I do best.
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February 15th 2009
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Medical Animator needed
by Joan Banks-Smith 10 years ago
Looking for someone to do a couple of animations of the bowel system for spinal cord injury training dvd. If interested, please include demo reel. Price is negotiable. Joan
Re: Medical Animator needed
by Victor Abramovskiy 9 years ago
Hey Joan, I would love to animate something medical! Here is what I do: http: rigidline videos http: rigidline#p u regards, Victor.
3DS Max vs. Maya
by Tom Seery 10 years ago
I am looking to purchase either 3DS Max or Maya and am having a hard time finding a feature comparison. I am a compositor looking to get more heavily into 3d. I primarliy want to create 3d photo reali
Re: 3DS Max vs. Maya
by Victor Abramovskiy 10 years ago
Character animation is Maya's strong side, but you have to make your rigs for animation what is pretty complex sometimes. In 3dsMax you have an optins like character studio(included) or CAT (just grea
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