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AVID Media Composer NanoKontrol2
by Veronika Zaplata 3 years ago
Hi creative cow community! I am a AVID user for the last 25 years or so. Years ago I have been using a midi mixer for editing sound. Then with a new update it stopped to work. I have discovered now th
Re: AVID Media Composer NanoKontrol2
by Peter Groom 3 years ago
i tried a nanokontrol 2 and had no succes Peter Post Production Dubbing Mixer
Create Subtitles for TV-Show
by Veronika Zaplata 7 years ago
Hi everyone, I am working for a dubbing company in Mauritius. Our client recently asked if there is a possibility to do also subtiteling. Is there anyone who could advise me. I have a exel or word doc
Re: Create Subtitles for TV-Show
by Simeon Pines 7 years ago
I've just been looking at the demo version of the Sublime program. Can anyone tell me how to get white subtitles on a solid black background (a bar the same length of the text) Would that be done in F
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