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5 Minute Countdown
by Stephen Burton 11 years ago
I'm trying to make a countdown which counts down from 5:00 Minutes to 0:00. I want it to work in actual seconds, like a normal clock. I've tryed Effect Text Numbers. I've messed with all the things fo
Re: 5 Minute Countdown
by Vadik Zhuk 7 months ago
Don't you know, if it's possible to automatically get Clockstart (e.g. composition length in frames) I dig through a google but found nothing...
GoPro mp4 footage - problems with sound
by Vadik Zhuk 4 years ago
Hey guys! I had a strange problem importing my gopro videos in Adobe Premiere. Image goes normally but sound looks corrupted in all files (it just hasn't got some parts) So I have my footage looking l
Re: GoPro mp4 footage - problems with sound
by Vadik Zhuk 4 years ago
Yes. There's very strange thing. There's start of audio, middle and end, but some parts missing. While video is fully normal.
Logical operators in expressions
by Vadik Zhuk 6 years ago
Is there some logical operators like & (AND) or ! (OR) in use with AAE expressions For expample: I need to change layer opacity to 100 if opacity of 3 other layers is 0. Expample expression (not worki
Re: Logical operators in expressions
by Darby Edelen 6 years ago
The AND and OR operators are: && and respectively. Here's the complete list: http: js js_comparisons.asp Darby Edelen
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