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Problem with Forum Link?
by Tom Wildgen 2 years ago
When I click on the Broadcast Design forum, I get routed to the After Effects forum. Seems like an admin issue, can someone refer this to whomever can remedy that Maybe there is no activity on the Bro
Live Closed Captioning
by Tom Wildgen 3 years ago
I am getting requests to provide closed captioning for selected live events for our company. Our CDN can accommodate us, but only with the dual browser style of live CC. That style is an extra browser
Re: Live Closed Captioning
by Tom Wildgen 3 years ago
I not sure what you mean by a vision mixer, But are you referring to adding the captions as part of the video feed to the live stream in a PIP somewhere on screen That would be an "overlay" style of C
Help! export from Premiere 6.0 to FCP
by Tom Wildgen 14 years ago
I hope someone out there can help me, I have edited 150 short(20-30 sec)clips in Premiere 6.0 from DV tapes supplied by my client. They were loaded via firewire, After editing, I exported from the tim
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