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Allowed Ram Usage 0.40GB
by Ken Brockmire 8 years ago
I can't seem to get After Effects CS5 to register the fact that there's 16GB of ram to use. It registers 16GB installed but when you hit "Details" on the Memory & Multiprocessing preference it says "A
Re: Allowed Ram Usage 0.40GB
by Tristan Dwyer 5 years ago
Anyone have any idea how to fix this on a mac I'm running OSX Mavericks (10.9.2) with After Effects CC2014. It takes agest to start up and when I do I essentially cannot do a RAM preview. Everything w
EVGA announced GTX 680 Mac Edition
by Paul Jay 6 years ago
http: articles 00730 http: products pdf 02G-P4-3682.pdf
Re: EVGA announced GTX 680 Mac Edition
by Tristan Dwyer 6 years ago
I'm looking to upgrade my video card in my mid-2010 mac pro and was going to get the 680 mac edition. Are you saying the 680 classified worked in your mac Seems like it says it only supports PCs not O
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