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Automating Center Point Calculation
by Trevor Mowry 3 months ago
Bear with me here. I have a comp with two 3D nulls tracking two ends of a baton. I'm using particular to generate streaks on either end. I'm using the positional data of those two nulls to calculate t
Re: Automating Center Point Calculation
by Kalleheikki Kannisto 3 months ago
I think you can just make an expression which moves a single emitter from one end of the baton to the other within one frame (starting over at each frame with modulo) and emit the number of particles
AE Advanced Light Painting w/ Red Giant
by Trevor Mowry 4 months ago
I've been attempting to do a light painting effect on some footage of a baton twirler. Unlike a point emitter and doing a streaklet effect with Particular, I want to mimic the effect you see in Pixels
Re: AE Advanced Light Painting w/ Red Giant
by Trevor Mowry 3 months ago
Using a combination of the Echo effect and the Saber, plugin, it's looking MUCH better. One thing I can't get quite right is the solid line at the point of origin. I want the entirety of the echo to r
Media Encoder Alternative/Scheduler?
by Trevor Mowry 3 years ago
I've tried to research this topic with not a lot of success, which I think is surprising. To my knowledge, I don't think AME has any sort of scheduling functionality. As in, you cannot tell it to star
Re: Media Encoder Alternative/Scheduler?
by Tim Lempicki 2 years ago
I think he understands that you can queue things and save the queue, but you have to remember to start it. It would be great if it just let you schedule a time for it to start. Is there anything you k
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