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Premiere Pro Workspaces
by Simon Ubsdell 5 days ago
Another great article from Oliver that takes us behind the scenes of his preferred custom layouts for Premiere Pro: https: 2017 08 17 customize-premiere-pro-with-workspaces
Re: Premiere Pro Workspaces
by Tony West 1 day ago
"I just don't get all the anxiety over tracks." It's not anxiety because I like connected clips better. Just like YOU don't have anxiety over connected clips. You just don't like them. I can see the a
State of the NLE panel
by Oliver Peters 1 month ago
Finally posted from NAB. https: watch v=mGTHqo3GK2s - Oliver Oliver Peters Post Production Services, LLC Orlando, FL
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Re: State of the NLE panel
by Tony West 3 weeks ago
andy patterson "I don't doubt if I taught Premiere Pro or even DR at the college level the students would pick it up fairly easy." It's not rather they would pick up Pr easy, it's would they pick X u
Semi-OT: Is it time to just call it "FCP" again?
by William Davis 1 year ago
With Apple dropping the "X" branding from its OS releases, is it time to do the same with Final Cut Pro X I think a half decade is enough time for the world to get used to the fact that FCPX was a gia
Re: Semi-OT: Is it time to just call it "FCP" again?
by Jeff Kirkland 1 year ago
Personally, I just edit in Final Cut. I leave which version to their imagination...
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XDCAM EX 35mbps issue with fcpx
by Goutom Ain 1 year ago
Dear Member, When i import XDCAM EX 35 mbps .mp4 clip in fcpx, clip shows green. please help.
Re: XDCAM EX 35mbps issue with fcpx
by Tony West 1 year ago
Goutom Ain " am using an application to ingest the clips. " Are you using the SONY Transfer app
7D/5D color grading in FCPX
by Flora Lloyd 2 years ago
A little intro on me, I am new to editing myself (though I have been a producer and shooter for years) This is my first project sitting down in front of FCPX. I am having a very hard time color gradin
Re: 7D/5D color grading in FCPX
by Tony West 2 years ago
Thanks for the shout out Bill. I found the show very interesting, good job on there. I liked your point about looking at 'who" would be working on the project before you decide how to KW. If it's just
DVD background image
by Tony West 2 years ago
I'm having trouble with my background image for my DVD menu getting too cropped off on the top. I saw people asking about it but no answers that helped me. Anyone have a tip on this
Re: DVD background image
by Tony West 2 years ago
Thank you James for the tip. I ended up guessing at sizes until I got the look I wanted but I will try this for the next one.
Offline // Online workflow for FCPX
by Liz Parham 2 years ago
Before we make the switch from FCP7, I just want to make sure an offline online Proxy workflow is doable for a feature length documentary with over 10tb of footage. Ideally, we would want to transcode
Re: Offline // Online workflow for FCPX
by Tony West 2 years ago
Elizabeth Perlman "ursa mini 4.6k" One of my clients just purchased this camera but we have not got it in yet. Looking forward to shooting with it and working with it in X
Go Pro
by James Ewart 2 years ago
I've got some underwater swimming to shoot and edit on Go Pros next week. This will be for the web. I am just wondering if I will notice much benefit for shooting 1080p over 720p when it comes to the
Re: Go Pro
by Tony West 2 years ago
James Ewart "I go way back to when we shot over cranked 35mm and 16mm film cameras at 50, 100 or more fps. I am not entirely convinced video cameras absolutely replicate this process or do they " You
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